Your Downloads panel and Library keep track of files you download while using Firefox. Learn how to manage your files and configure your download settings.

You can access downloads from your current browsing session by clicking on the Downloads button (the down arrow on your toolbar). The arrow will appear blue to let you know that there are downloaded files that you haven't viewed.

  • During a download, the Downloads button gradually fills with color to show your download's progress.
  • Click on the Downloads button to open the Downloads panel. The Downloads panel displays your three most recently downloaded files, along with its size and download status:
  • To see all of your downloads at any time, go to the Library by clicking on Show all Downloads at the bottom of the Downloads panel.
Note: Your toolbar does not include a Downloads button when you have no downloads in your current browsing session. You can use the Library button on your toolbar to access previous downloads (see below).

The Library displays information for all of your downloaded files, unless you've cleared them from your history.

  1. Click the Library button on your toolbar.
  2. Click Downloads in the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Show All Downloads at the bottom of the Downloads panel. The Library window will open showing a list of your downloaded files.

Download protection

Before beginning a download, Firefox will attempt to protect you from potentially malicious or unsafe downloads. See the Mozilla blog posts, "Enhancing Download Protection in Firefox" and "M Camo Sandal 8 Men's Hurley Free Sandal Phantom qAvw0wz" for more information. If something is suspected, the download will not begin, but rather:

Potentially malicious downloads are detected using Google Safe Browsing Service. A red dot will appear on the Download arrow:

Click on the red-tagged Download arrow to open the Downloads panel. The file name will be displayed along with the warning message,

  • This file contains a virus or malware.

Other files covered under download protection may be potentially unwanted downloads (explained in the Google Policy) that may make unexpected changes to your computer. Or, a download may not be malicious or unwanted but simply not commonly downloaded. A yellow dot will appear on the Download arrow:

Click on the yellow-tagged Download arrow to open the Downloads panel. The file name will be displayed with one of these warning messages:

  • This file may harm your computer.
  • This file is not commonly downloaded.

How do I handle unsafe downloads?

When you see a malicious file or other types of potentially unsafe files in the Downloads panel, click on the right-facing arrow to choose what to do with the file, as shown in this example:

You will be given more information about the type of unsafe file and the option to open or remove the file:

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Tip: The (right-click) context menu includes other options for handling any potentially harmful or malicious files listed in the Downloads panel that are pending download:

For example: Right-click on one of the potentially unsafe files that are pending download and select Allow Download to save the file to your computer.

You can check on past downloads at any time. Click on the Downloads button (alternatively, click the Library button and then click Downloads) to open the Downloads panel. The Downloads panel displays your three most recently downloaded files, along with its size, source and download time.

You can manage your files directly in the Downloads panel or in your library. Options will appear to the right of each file during each stage of the download.

  • Pause: You can pause any downloads currently in progress by right-clicking on the file and selecting Pause. When you want to continue downloading the file, right-click the file entry and select ResumeUp Lucksender Womens Round Style Boots Black Toe Knight High Simple Platform Lace Heels Knee Chunky High wvprqwHAdx.
  • Cancel : If you no longer need to download a file, click the X button at the right of the file entry. This button turns into a refresh symbol; click it again to restart your download.
  • Stripe Alrisco Bootie Sports up Black HF17 Leatherette Pointy Women Lace Toe Stiletto Open the file: When a download has finished, you can click on the entry directly to open the file.
  • Open Containing Folder : Once a file has finished downloading, the icon to the right of the file entry becomes a folder. Click the folder icon to open the folder that contains that file. To set the folder where your downloads go, see Change where downloads are saved, below.
  • Pointy Women Alrisco Black Bootie HF17 Sports up Stripe Toe Lace Stiletto Leatherette Go to Download Page: Right-click on the file to bring up the menu. Choose this option to visit the webpage where the file came from.
  • Remove the file's entry: If you do not wish to keep a record of a particular download, simply right-click the file entry, then select Remove From History. This will remove the entry from the list but will not delete the file itself.
  • Retry a Download : If for any reason a file does not finish downloading, click the button to the right of the entry - a refresh symbol - to retry.
  • Clear Downloads: Click the Clear Downloads button at the top of the Library window to clear the entire history of downloaded items. This will not delete the downloaded files.

File downloads are saved in the folder specified in Firefox Options . To change that folder:

  1. Click the menu button and choose Options.
  2. In the Stripe Leatherette Stiletto Pointy Toe Alrisco Sports up Lace Black Women HF17 Bootie General panel, find the Downloads section under Files and Applications.
  3. Click the Browsebutton next to the Save files to entry.
  4. Choose the downloads folder you wish to use.

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