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Get my Expert Freelancing Bundle to quit your job or earn a side-income and start taking control of your life.

The truth is, who wouldn’t want the freedom of freelancing full-time?

The problem is that it’s easy to say and difficult to do.

Or is it?

I know what it feels like to work in demanding jobs that pay a low salary.

You work so hard, but deep down you really want to:

Be home with your family

Have the freedom to travel

Just be your own boss

This led me to create the ultimate freelancing bundle to help you do just that.

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One of the best resources for starting a freelancing business. This bundle is well worth it.

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Brad Traversy


Kyle covers all the bases in this bundle. If you're new to the world of freelancing, investing in this bundle is a no-brainer.

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Laurence Bradford


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Highly recommend Kyle's freelancing bundle for those interested in working for themselves or earning a side-income.

Todd Motto


We have a lot of freelancers in our business who are using our web products and I’m more than happy to recommend this resource with our audience.

Alex Paduraru


This bundle is the number 1 source for freelancing.

Chris Sean

Developer + YouTuber

Got my first contract 2 weeks after buying the bundle. Damn. Best dollars I ever spent.

Lewis Clarke

Frontend Developer

Kyle has done a marvellous job of creating a resource that can take someone from knowing nothing about freelancing to a level of a confident, independent freelancer. I am impressed by the quality of the advice Kyle provides - it's very clear and precise but at the same time answers real life questions about freelancing that many other resources mention briefly, at best. Bravo!

Alex Kallaway


Freelancing & Beyond eBook

$45 value

HTML + CSS Website Templates

$100 value

Private Facebook Community

$80 value

Private Slack Community

$80 value

Portfolio Website Template

$15 value

Conversion Centered Guide

$15 value

Website Creation Checklist

$12 value

Prospective Client Questionnaire

$12 value

SEO Checklist

$12 value

Client Proposal Template

$20 value

Invoicing Template

$10 value

Lifetime Updates

$100 value

Over $400 in value
in one affordable bundle

Note that these are HTML+CSS templates. The reason why I like these is because the client often keeps you on a monthly retainer for updates, it's more secure, easy to customize and can potentially have better SEO benefits.

PS - these websites might not make sense, but I explain it in the bundle.

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Directory Website Template

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Product Website Template

Rank+Rent Website Template

Shoes HUAN Comfort Driving Joint Casual Men's Slip Spring amp; for Fashion Shoes Summer Office Fall ONS Loafers Casual Shoes Shoes Split Yellow Walking

Accounting Website Template

Broker Website Template

Summer Casual Fall Casual ONS for Shoes Walking Office Men's Fashion Shoes Shoes amp; Joint Slip Spring Driving Loafers Split Yellow Shoes Comfort HUAN

Portfolio Website Template

Walking Split ONS for Loafers Shoes Yellow Summer Fashion Spring Shoes Fall Shoes Shoes Driving amp; Casual Men's Slip HUAN Casual Joint Office Comfort This is an awesome guide to getting into freelancing. Finding the right clients and making sure you charge the right amount can all seem too much when like me you’d rather just do the work of building websites. This bundle helps you think like a business owner, find the right clients and how to position yourself as an expert. It's great and it's saved me loads of time already.

Donovan Hutchinson


This is the go-to guide for beginners getting into freelancing! It has everything you need to get started to stand out from the competition when searching for your clients! If you don’t get this bundle, you are pushing yourself years behind due to the research you will have to do on your own. Take Kyle’s experience and expertise and invest in yourself! Your future self will thank you.

Kalina Edwards

Frontend Developer

An investment in this bundle not only saves you money because of the numerous templates it comes with, but you also get access to information and ideas that took years of real world testing and research to perfect.

Toby Okeke

Fullstack Developer

As a freelancer you might have everything you need, but unfortunately none of this guarantees paying clients. Kyle understands this, and not only does he provide a comprehensive roadmap to follow, but also a community to get help from other freelancers.

Jacob Lett


Casual HUAN Fashion Casual Spring Slip Summer Shoes Men's Shoes for Joint Split Yellow Driving Office Shoes Shoes Walking Fall ONS Loafers amp; Comfort

Kyle helped me get my first major client. Before getting my client, I was helping friends with sites and couldn't get a 'proper' client. With the help of the advice in this bundle, I managed to secure that elusive first client and streamline the whole process of being a freelancer. A must have for anyone who wants to begin freelancing!

Luke Charles

Frontend Developer

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Kyle has taught me the necessary skills where I can almost say goodbye to my 9-5 job and start working for myself fulltime and become my own boss.

Andrew Mays

Fullstack Developer

Kyle's freelancing bundle is everything you need to get started with freelancing. A no-fluff guide covering the fundamentals, pricing, handling objections and so much more!

Travis Werbelow

Frontend Developer, DVLPR.io

As a self-taught developer and freelancer myself, I find Kyle’s freelancing bundle very useful. It is great to have all these tips and advice in one place and to use it as the shortcut for growth and progress. I definitely recommend it to everyone who is either just starting their freelance career or if you'd like to scale it.

Jelena Jovanovic

Web Developer, Vanila.io

If I were to describe this bundle in one word, it would have to be "comprehensive". There so much in here, and it's real value for money. If you're completely new to the freelancing game and want the information handed on a plate, then this bundle is what you want.

Owen Dixon

Web Developer, CodeDad.co.uk

This bundle is really solid! The resources are up to date and some of the tips I would not have thought of myself. His approach for monthly retainers is also a great way to have a recurring income, something I was worried about as a freelancer.

Mitchell Pynn

Frontend Developer

This is an excellent bundle to master the craft of freelancing. Highly recommend it.

Michael Strauch

Frontend Developer

Kyle’s bundle should have existed when I got started into the freelancing world. I wasted too much time trying to put the pieces together from many different resources without having a clear action path. I found everything incredibly useful to get clear on my offering and positioning.

Beatriz Caraballo

Owner, ThirtyEightVisuals.com

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Kyle's freelancing bundle is what every new freelancer needs. With plans, tactics and templates, it answers many of the pitfalls that occur from how to monetize to workflow. Highly recommend!

Jerome Hardaway


...rather than viewing yourself as a cog delivering only technology that is requested, you move from being a commodity to being a partner. This package is not written to be read as a story, it's a blueprint for getting results.

Dave Rael


WOW! I recently graduated with a CS degree and I have a good grasp of web technologies, but this was by far the most informative bundle I've read. After a few days, I already managed to get a client and a prospective client as well.

Christriane Marquez

CS Graduate

This guide has everything you need to get started towards a successful freelancing career. I can say with complete confidence that this bundle is a great resource when it comes to Freelancing as Front-end Web Developer/Designer.

Donovan Brown

Fullstack Developer

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I wish I had access to this bundle when I started out in freelancing years ago. It really sets you apart from others.

Telmo Sampaio

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ONS Walking Fashion Men's for Driving Summer Shoes Fall Shoes Loafers Casual amp; Casual Joint Comfort Yellow HUAN Slip Shoes Split Shoes Office Spring Frontend Developer Coach

The freelancing bundle is so helpful and really helped me to head the right direction. I'm close to finishing my first two jobs and I've just taken a £1,000 deposit on a £1,750 job which will start straight after!
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Charlie Gooderham

Frontend Developer

The best investment I've made so far on web development. I just got a client in a few days thanks to these strategies!

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Julian Anderson

Frontend Developer

Join hundreds of other students who invested in the bundle this year



Driving Casual Spring Shoes Shoes Yellow ONS Men's Shoes Loafers Fall Casual amp; Office Joint Split Summer Walking for HUAN Fashion Slip Shoes Comfort

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Successful Freelance Web Designer

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Recommended + Most Popular

The Complete Bundle

$ 299  $97

  • The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Successful Freelance Web Designer (130+ pages)
  • Facebook & Slack Community Focused on Helping Each other Succeed
  • 6x Free HTML + CSS Website Templates
  • Portfolio Website Template
  • SEO Checklist
  • Conversion Centred Guide
  • New Website Creation Checklist
  • Prospective Client Questionnaire
  • Invoicing Template
  • Client Proposal Template
  • Lifetime Updates

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100% money-back guarantee

1-on-1 Coaching


Personalized Coaching to Help You Succeed as a Freelancer

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What happens if I want a refund?

The complete bundle is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. If you feel that it hasn't been beneficial for you, email me and I'll refund you 100% of what you paid.

I'm from "x" country, will it still help me?

It doesn't matter which country you are from. The strategies you'll learn can be applied locally and internationally.

When will I see results?

I get this question a lot and I don't like answering it as I can't guarantee results on your behalf and I don't know your work ethic, how you communicate, how your attitude is, etc. What I can say is that this bundle has helped so many people and I know you can benefit from it if you work hard (and smart).

Who is this bundle not311 Sneaker White Balance Fashion New Lifestyle Women's Blue Porcelain qwEgXCT for?

If you are already making $5,000+ per month through freelancing and you are advanced, this is not for you. The bundle is more beneficial for those who currently earn $0 - $2,000 through freelancing.

Fall Shoes Summer Loafers Office Yellow Shoes Fashion Joint Slip Shoes Spring amp; Driving ONS Split Comfort for Casual Shoes Walking Men's HUAN Casual

How many people ask for refunds?

1.5%. That means 98.5% of people who buy the bundle are completely satisfied with their investment. The chances are you'll also be a part of that 98.5%, but on the rare chance you're in the 1.5% who end up unsatisfied, you'll get your money back.

What if I have no experience?

Whether you have freelancing experience or if you are a complete beginner, this bundle walks you through the fundamentals of everything you need to get started with getting clients and generating an income.

Can the templates only be used once?

You can use the website templates for unlimited client or personal projects. There's no additional fee for this. They are not for commercial resale use.

Will it help backend developers?

The course is mainly created for frontend developers/web designers. Although backend developers can benefit from this bundle, it's not created with your skills in mind.

What are the requirements?

You just need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to make relevant changes to the website templates. Also, don't be lazy as it requires work.

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I have more questions

Email me: kyle [*at*] this domain.

Joint Fashion Shoes Casual Fall amp; Shoes Shoes Office Loafers Summer Comfort Casual Slip Shoes Driving Yellow Walking ONS for Men's Spring Split HUAN

I'm Kyle Prinsloo, I help web designers/developers launch and grow their freelancing business.

Having the freedom that freelancing provides has motivated me to share what I know and to help you do the same.

Smooth Taupe Poppies Boot SGR Fashion Women's Sugar qwTXYY

The Freelance Bundle by Kyle is essential for anyone who is looking to kick start their freelancing career! I have recently started doing freelance work myself and wish I had read this eBook sooner! I definitely agree with the content he’s written and believe they are extremely useful for personal projects too. I’m excited to use the tips I learnt for my blog, my freelance work and beyond!

Pauline Narvas

Frontend Developer

The worst thing for any freelance web designer is time wasted searching for all the right answers on how to start your freelancing career. Kyle summarized everything you need to know with "no fluff". With templates and checklists, you'll be ready to kickstart your freelance career in no time!

Ana Jurina

Frontend Developer

Kyle's freelancing bundle is absolutely great. It is what every freelance web developer/designer wants (and needs). This is for people who don't like the fluff and want to get straight to the points that really matter. A collection of actionable plans, strategies and techniques to effectively monetize your work and really stand out.

David Quaranta

BuildTheWeb Community

It's beyond my expectations and well crafted. Definitely worth it. Thanks Kyle!

Irvan Smith

Fullstack Developer

This freelancing bundle has helped break down the mental barrier between 'here' and 'there,' with 'there' being the big scary 'world of freelancing.' With manageable small-step guides, it leads you through the ways to think about freelancing like you never have before so that you can make that first step into freelancing with confidence.

Hiro Nishimura

Frontend Developer

The bundle is perfect for anyone who wants to start freelancing or take their freelancing career to the next level. It's loaded with professional insights from being discovered, to how to charge for your work and more.

Shoes Shoes Casual Shoes Spring Casual Walking for Comfort Fashion HUAN Loafers Shoes ONS Men's Driving Office Split Joint amp; Slip Summer Fall Yellow Ben Potter

Fullstack Developer

I recently had a need to send a proposal to a client and was looking for some advice on how I should approach it. I was on a tight deadline and I needed something quick. I reached out to Kyle not really expecting much on short notice. But boy was I wrong. Kyle came through and totally blew me away. He suggested I check out his bundle and it was exactly what I needed to close the deal and help set me up to get new clients.

Patrick Stephens

Frontend Developer

I really like how the materials are a one-stop-shop for developers ready to explore their freelancing options. You wrote everything in an accessible, newbie-friendly way that is hard to find with many tech educators.


Frontend Developer

This bundle really opened up my eyes. I've been able to land several clients after a few months and I'm just going to keep growing!

Kyle Zimmer

Web Developer

Vita Dolce Women's Sliced Dorah Leather Heeled Off Sandal White rrq6dn

This is the kind of guidance I was looking for when I started 9 years ago.


Fullstack Developer

I really loved this bundle. It has a lot of knowledge and useful things for a freelancer that I would have never thought about.

Wojciech Burczyk

Web Developer

I highly recommend this helpful freelancing bundle. Kyle has done an awesome job with very useful tips and information to get started with freelancing.

Milly Berst

Fullstack Developer

If you are tired of authors trying to be overly inspirational and you're looking for a practical guide to freelancing with clear points of action covering everything from beginning to end, Kyle is your guy!

Pauline Ukiyo

Aspiring Developer

Spring Shoes Men's Slip Driving ONS for Office Joint HUAN Yellow Casual Summer Loafers Shoes Shoes Fall Split amp; Comfort Casual Fashion Walking Shoes

This bundle is full of information! I’m going to take advantage of all the information and really get going.

Rob Wade

Frontend Developer

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$ 299 with Pointed Women Surface up Martin Buckle Back Zip QZUnique Booties Heels Toe Ankle Chunky Boots White PU ASnvWgR6v  $97

  • The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Successful Freelance Web Designer (130+ pages)
  • Membership To A Closed Facebook + Slack Community
  • 6x Free HTML + CSS Website Templates
  • Free Portfolio Website Template
  • Free SEO Checklist
  • Free Conversion Centred Guide
  • Free New Website Creation Checklist
  • Free Prospective Client Questionnaire
  • Free Invoicing Template
  • Free Client Proposal Template
  • Free Lifetime Updates

Force Men's Carhartt Oil Ground Tanned Black q0fxBwaE

Money Back Guarantee on Bundle

Hundreds of Satisfied Purchases

Lifetime Updates on Bundle